Thursday, January 26, 2017


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Stan "The Safety Man" advocates that safety starts with you!

Hi everyone. Here are some worthwhile words of wisdom. Stan "The Safety Man" will always start and end his day with THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. He is the one who keeps me safe!

As a Christian, I take time to read the HOLY BIBLE and pray to GOD each and everyday. Acknowledging Him in all that I do and all that is ahead of me is always a good game plan to follow. Don't take my word for it, but His!

The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD. (Proverbs 21:31 - King James Bible.)


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In the past 100 years technological ingenuity has grown by leaps and bounds. Few inventions have been so modified and enhanced as the mechanical engine. They give us heat, power our cars, generate electricity and propel aircraft to flight at high rates of speed.

But what does the future portend for this paradigm? Can engines be made much more efficient than they are right now?

It stands to reason that this will be a continual process of discovery for engineers and scientists going forward. The goal would be to create systems that generate the most amount of energy with the least amount of fuel. Alternative constructs and models have been dedicated to harnessing alternative energy through wind and solar, however, the most efficient and readily available sources still reside with oil, natural gas and coal.